How do we MEASURE Health and Fitness?

Would you measure your money with a measuring tape?

Do you measure your health with a bathroom scale?

To me, neither makes sense.

Let’s take Matthieu and David here.

Both WEIGH 225 lbs.

David in a great way.

Matthieu was on his way.

So, if we rely on the scale as a measure of health and fitness success, we might FREAK OUT with a gained lb even if it’s muscle.

I bet ya David doesn’t freak out when he gains a muscle.

He’s happy dancing.

So.. my friends, it’s more about BODY COMPOSITION!

How do your jeans feel?

How do your before and after photos compare?

Your measurements.

Myself, I don’t own a scale.

It drove me mental in the 80’s and I was almost anorexic trying to get the number lower and lower.. all the while losing the very muscle that would’ve helped me lean up!

So… I encourage you all to give yourself a chance! Measure right!!

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