Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” -T.R.

Do you ever think, “Is THIS IT?” Are you starving and exhausted by 3 pm? Are you done with diets that don’t work?   Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep? Are you tired of spending hours at the gym and not getting the results you were aiming for?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please keep reading!

What if we could break down the obstacles that have held you back and change your life forever? How will you feel when you aren’t  stressed about the issues in the above questions? How will you feel when you are living  in the image you desire?

Does this excite you?

What if you could turn your “dreamer” back on…the hopes and dreams you left behind before you hit complacency?





“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” -Unknown

I learned years ago from hard hard training that you can be FIT but not HEALTHY. An overtrained, undernourished body may have a nice six pack, but doesn’t have much to fight with when cold and flu season come around. Similarly, a HEALTHY body that is not FIT, is limited by what it can do, which is not much. Like a language, use the muscles or lose them, and lose the basic functional fitness that we need every day to complete tasks independently.

So, I am excited to show you how to make nutrition and fitness a simple lifestyle shift to be your best self..today and forever. The emphasis is on SIMPLICITY. We are not talking about cooking chicken breasts all Sunday afternoon, or being relegated to brown rice and absolutely no fun, or hours and hours in the gym! It is about SUSTAINABLE weight wellness and muscle gain because the system is based on satiety, nourishment, moderate exercise and lifestyle. Give the body what it needs and it does what it is supposed to do.

To feel well, how important are nutrition and fitness to you, on a scale of 1-10?




“To go from the old self to the new self we have to cross the river of change.” -Joe Dispenza

Mind your mindset! Have you heard that before? The space between our ears is valuable real estate; let’s be careful what takes up residence there!

Have you ever seen the gym in January? It is full of all sorts of eager souls, determined to make a change, “get healthy”..”it will work THIS TIME”. And what happens by February? Most are in witness protection until next January. How sad. It is very hard to change anything into something new with an “old” mindset.

To grow, our mindset must grow first. I am excited to offer extraordinary training over 60 days online that will help you with the shift that will take you across that river of change into a new self with new accomplishments and new dreams.

To feel well, how important is mindset to you, on a scale of 1-10?


Fun, Friendship, and Accountability


“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” -Paul Ryan

Statistics have shown that by having 3 friends join us in any endeavour toward self improvement, that we are up to 80% more likely to achieve that goal.

There are several reasons for this. First, we are less likely to bail on our friends than ourselves. Second, friends will hold us accountable to accomplishing the goal and being our best, more than going it on our own. Third, we are social creatures and are meant to interact. Lastly, whether it is workouts or a new opportunity, we WILL achieve more together because we are having MORE FUN! Let’s get off the devices and into happiness with laughter, joy and community! I  have both online and offline communities to support you in all your goals. I am excited to have you as part of my family.

To feel well, how important is community to you, on a scale of 1-10?

Meet Katherine


First, thank you for taking the time to meet me!

You may be surprised to know I have not always been fit, healthy, confident or even all that happy. I started life as a happy and healthy child, but developed debilitating asthma at age 7, living a life in and out of hospitals. An only child, I learned to enjoy being alone; I got used to it. At age 15 my asthma improved enough to learn ballet, which I adored. This began my love of movement. My mom cooked very healthy meals but the asthma left me very underweight and that contributed to low self esteem. At age 18, I went to university and discovered the party life, putting on over 25 lbs. I was unrecognizable and assumed a new “identity”: I “was” fat, and lacking confidence now, for this reason.

I began aerobics in 1986, got fit, but fell back into party mode after I moved to Northern Ireland that same year. By 1988, I had had enough of feeling like an “also ran” and devoted the next 23 years to hard core fitness, and very rigid eating plans. Alas, I was fit! I looked amazing!! I was part of a Nike sponsored fitness instructor’s team in 1992, and went on to run four marathons by 1997, including Boston. But I was in exercise and food prison. I continued on this path, held hostage by my six pack,  lean quads and performance until 7 years ago. I was a Lululemon ambassador for those abs, but wasn’t very healthy at all, barely able to make it through the day. A busy mom and personal trainer, fitness instructor, and dryland trainer for my son’s hockey team, I had no time to make all the food I needed. I was run down. Seven years ago, I was introduced to a system that changed my life. It freed me from the restrictive life I had known for so long. I had more muscle, improved performance,  more energy, better sleep and more. I had the energy to enjoy my family and life. I believed that everyone needed to know this. And this began a path with a purpose, spreading the message of sustainable health and fitness.

Once an underweight child who preferred  her own company to anyone else’s, I now bring people together so that we can change the way the world thinks about health, fitness, and physical freedom. If I can do it, so can YOU!

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“I’m not feeling deprived and I’m getting great results…I’ve never had results like these..I was not expecting to feel as good as I do!  I’ve leaned out and I don’t have that huge dip in energy mid afternoon, and my cravings are gone!” D.M., Calgary, Alberta.


“Kevin has always been a good athlete but his greatest struggle was speed. He needed that explosive power to get the maximum out of his strides. With Katherine Lawson’s guidance and encouragement, Kevin started Isagenix in late spring. His goal was to hopefully reduce his weight to increase his foot speed and overall performance in a Jr A camp. He got the 30 day bundle to give it a try. He had no idea what to expect. Within the first week, the change in his physique was astounding, especially in his upper body. He lost a considerable amount of size from his chest, arms, and abdomen. After the full 30 days, the change in his body, and most importantly, his confidence was amazing. He continued with the program for good measure. When it came time for camp, Kevin was able to overcome the speed hurdle, increase his compete level, and achieve success. He made it through main camp and was selected for the Jr A team that he had dreamed of playing for. Thank you Katherine and Isagenix for putting Kevin on the correct path for his fitness goals!” Sue V. about her son Kevin, Junior A hockey player with the Yarmouth Mariners.



Let’s get started on your health and fitness journey TODAY! To live OPTIMALLY,  we must consider HEALTH, FITNESS and PERFORMANCE: how we look, how we feel and how we do stuff!

To make these changes as accessible as possible for everyone, I have found certain nutritional systems, and workout equipment ideal for sustainable improvements that can be embraced in everyone’s lifestyle.

These are all available here.

See link below, watch the video and see THREE options for “Best” Better” and “Good” systems to get you started! Sign up and save TODAY! http://www.katherinemar.isagenix.com

Links for  more equipment and workouts to follow soon!

Get your Lebert Equalizer just in time for January! Very versatile piece of equipment..all you need! Free workout suggestions and video from ME with purchase! See link: http://www.easywebautomation.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=1687336


Get  your GYMSTICK here as well with full workout poster and instructional video from ME! Please go to “Schedule a discovery meeting” with me, explain you would like more information about Gymstick. Incredible piece of equipment, comes in many strengths, and in a collapsible version for travel also. Literally, a Gym in a Stick!


Every athlete needs to baby his or her muscles for optimal performance. So, this can mean massage, myofascial release, accupuncture to name a few. But these treatments can become costly, so we have the TRAVEL Roller for everyday use to warm up muscles, and to aid in recovery at the end of the day. I have been using this roller for many years now and take it wherever I go. Videos provided with purchase. See http://www.travelroller.com and enter 8power-VIP for my discount.


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